Special tribute to Shaheer Sable

Mee ani Shaheer Sable

On the occasion of Gurupaurnima, Kedar Shinde, Santosh Pawar and Bharat Jadhav will be presenting a special tribute to Shaheer Sable in an innovative program “Mee ani Shaheer Sable” The program will feature highlight from his life, some memoirs, incidents and renditions of his songs and skits. Along with these three stars singers Prasenjit Kosambi, Rohit Raut, and Sayali Pankaj will also be performing.

The program is written by Vasundhara Sable, daughter of Shaheer Sable and produced by Bela Shinde (Kedar Shinde Productions) and Narendra Firodiya. The event has been organized at three venues. Details are as follows:
31 July 4:30 pm Gadkari Rangayatan (Thane)
1 August 4:30 pm Vishnudas Bhave (vashi)
2 August 8 pm Shivaji Mandir (Dadar)

Shaheer Sable, the name immediately brings back the magical voice of “Jai Jai Maharashtra Majha”. Every Marathi person has listened to his powerful voice and souldful Shahiri powada. Shaheer Sable took the Marathi folk music to another level with his additions and creative inputs. His most successful program “Maharashtrachee Lokdhara” not only showcased the folk wonders from Maharashtra but also gave a stepping stone for many Marathi artistes including Prashant Damle, Vijay Kadam, Bharat Jadhav, Ankush Chaudhari, Kedar Shinde, Kishore Shahane, Deepali Vichare and many more. Yashwantrao Chavan, Defence minister of India, once hailed this artiste as “Mobile Univerity”, the students of this great artiste will be coming together for a special tribute through his own songs and dramas.