Sad Demise of Marathi Actress Ashwini Ekbote

Ashwini Ekbote Marathi actress Death

Marathi Actress Ashwini Ekbote suffered from a sudden heart attack & sadly passed away. Ashwini will be missed by the industry & the audience too. She was performing her dance at an event in Bharat Natya Mandir, Pune.

While at the end of her performance she suddenly collapsed. She was rushed into the nearby Gore Hospital were the Doctor declared her dead. Due to increase in blood sugar the symptoms of heart attack weren’t recognised. Ashwini was merely 44 years old & was married & mother to a child.

Ashwini has been an integral part of all three mediums of Marathi entertainment. She acted in Marathi films like Mahaguru, Bavre Prem He, Tapatwadi, Dankyavar Danka, Aarambh, Kshan Ha Mohacha, High Command & Hindi film Ek Pal Pyar Ka. On stage she was seen in the play Eka Kshanat, Nandi & very recently in Tya Tighanchi Goshta opposite Sharad Ponkshe. On TV she has starred in many important serials like Durava, Radha Hi Bavri, Tu Bhetshi Navyane, Kashyala Udyachi Baat & the currently on air serial Duheri.

Apart from acting Ashwini was a classical dancer. She breathed her last while performing classical dance in the event titled ‘Natyatrividhi’. When ashwini collapsed on stage at the end of her dance the audience thought that too was part of the act but unfortunately it wasn’t. This memory of her performing will be etched forever in the minds of upcoming Marathi artists & performers.

The whole Marathi fraternity will be alongside her family in this hard time. May god rest her soul in peace. Ashwini Mam you will be missed forever & ever.


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