Rinku Rajguru’s Second Marathi Film is Titled ‘Kagar’!

Rinku Rajguru’s Second Marathi Film is Titled ‘Kagar’

Rinku Rajguru became a household name in the whole Maharashtra post the success of ‘Sairat’. Some time ago the news of Rinku signing her second Marathi film with national award winning director Makarand Mane (of ‘Ringan’ fame) was out. But the title of the film wasn’t revealed!

The title of this film, ‘Kagar’ was revealed with its official font that also represents the soul of the film. There’s lot be interpreted from this unique font used by the designers who as per the director have represented the film perfectly. It resembles some sort of ‘Aggression’. Today the whole world is experiencing the same phenomenon. However the ‘Gulal’ in the image represents ‘victory’ as always!

We can also see blood on it, which is oozing out of a tree’s branch. This imagery represents a dramatic conflict in the film. The rest of the cast of this film has been kept under wraps as of now. This film is produced by Sudhir Kolte & Vikas Hande under their banner ‘Udaharnarth’.



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