Rinku Rajguru Plays Which Female Politician in ‘Kaagar’?

Kaagar Rinku Rajguru

Rinku Rajguru became Maharashtra’s most loved actress post the success of ‘Sairat‘. She achieved superstardom overnight at a very young age! Now she is all set to prove her versatility as an actress in her second Marathi film ‘Kagar’ which is directed by national award winning director Makarand Mane.

The first official poster of the film was recently revealed & one can easily make out that ‘Kaagar‘ is a film about politics! There have also been rumors that Rinku’s character in the film is based on an actual female politician! But nothing has been revealed of that sort by the makers of the film! Who do you think would be that politician?

The film also stars gifted actor Shashank Shende who has been previously part of ‘Ringan’ & ‘Youngraad‘ also made by director Makarand Mane. Fans of Rinku would be all geared up for ‘Kagar’ & moreover since there are waves of elections all around the country & Maharashtra the subject of politics will surely be of excitement for the audiences!


kagar movie is based on which politician,