Ratnakar Matkari’s National award winning ‘INVESTMENT’ to release on 20th September

Veteren play write & laureate Ratnakar Matkari’s National Award winning debut film “Investment” is set to hit theaters across Maharashtra on 20th September. A renowned Marathi writer & stage director, Mr. Matkari has made his debut by directing this film at the age of 75 years. The first theatrical trailer was launched in a grand ceremony recently in the presence of the entire star cast. The website of the film was inaugurated by Mr. Ujwal Nirgudkar, Technical director, Film Lab.

“Earning money” has pivotal significance in current scenario where it hardly matters how and from which sources money is earned. middle class is striving to be higher middle class and higher middle class is striving to be Rich and super rich by adopting any means. While attaining this, people are conveniently ignoring the ethics, values having focus only on becoming rich. People are not realizing that when did they change their perspective towards children and started considering them as their future investment. “Investment” depicts this decaying society in the most poignant manner.Investment Marathi Movie Poster

Experimenting attitude, limitless creative energy, spirit, quest for always doing something new and the balance between being introvert and extrovert at the same time as well, are the distinguishing features of Mr. Ratnakar Matkari’s personality as an artist. Creation with the help of minimum possible means and to take it to the maximum possible people is the essence of his creativity. No wonder that his debut film has bagged National award at the age of 75 years. Ganesh Matkari, a film critic and son of Mr. Ratnakar Matkari is a co-director of this film.
Known actors from Marathi Industry, Mr. Tushar Dalvi, Supriya Vinod and Sandeep Pathak are spectacular in this film. Their role is greatly supported by Sulabha Deshpande, Sanjay Mone, Milind Phatak, Deepak Karanjikar and Kumar Praharsh Naik. Amol Gole is the DOP of this film. This film has been produced jointly by Matkari’s “Mahadwar Production” and ‘Indu enterprises’ owned by Mr. Anish Joshi and Mandar Vaidya.

This film has participated in various International film Festivals such in Mami in Mumbai, Piff in Pune, Chennai and Banglore. It has also participated and earned Film Critic’s appreciation at New York Indian Film Festival and Stuttgart.

In this context, Matkari said, “Audience has a strange notion that a national award winning film is not their cup of tea, that the film is not for entertainment. On the contrary, ‘Investment’ caters to all age groups as well as different spectrum of audience who seek varied form of entertainment. When the audience could connect with the story & when the film keeps them engrossed till the very end, that is the definition of an entertainment film and ‘Investment is no exception.

This film is slated to release in theatres across Maharashtra on 20th September 2013.