Deepali & Sukhada To Go ‘Fusion’ for ‘Hero’!

Deepali Sayyad & Sukhada Khandekar - Hero

Deepali Sayyad is one of the few Marathi divas who is really good at both acting & dancing. She’ll soon be seen dancing on a Hindi-Marathi fusion song in the upcoming Marathi film ‘Hero’. ‘Hero’ is presented by ‘R.P.G Production’, produced by Rajshri Gaikwad & directed by N.N. Siddiqui. In this song Deepali will share screen space with fabulous classical dancer Sukhada Khandekar.

‘Dhinak Dhin Aag Laga Du Mein’..‘Ga Bai Majha Tora Nakhrel’

These are the lyrics of this dance number & this song is sung by none other than our ultimate favorite Asha Bhosale & Sadhna Sargam. This Hind-Marathi fusion dance number is written by Aslam Sayani & Kaustubh Pant & is composed by Raja Ali. Whereas star choreographer Phulwa Khamkar has choreographed this song starring Deepali & Sukhada!

This whole setting promises us something larger than life & cinematically rich on the lines of many great Bollywood songs from many popular & classic films. ‘Hero’ stars actors like Ramesh Dev, Vijay Patkar, Uday Tikekar, Sukhada Khandekar, Bhushan Patil & Vaishnavi Karmarkar & is co-produced by Anis Morab.


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