Cobweb Short Film: A Visceral Cinematic Experience!

Shortkatta an initiative by Marathi Stars, has added it’s 5th Short film in the collection of diverse and exciting short films! ‘Cobweb’ a psychological thriller-horror that plays with the mind of the viewers! In mere 15 minutes of runtime this short film gives you an wholesome experience of what fear feels like! Moreover the technical fluency in this short gives the audiences a visceral cinematic experience.

Very few short films manage to make you forget your surroundings and get you immersed into it’s world. ‘Cobweb’ does that & even without going into a theatre for that experience! Your computer and mobile screens alone are sufficient when you watch an immersive short film!

You can also watch other short films starring mainstream actors like Megha Ghadge and Varsha Dandale on Shortkatta Youtube channel. ‘Laadu’, ‘Paisa Vasool’, ‘Pahila Paus’, ‘Bombay Vision’ & now ‘Cobweb’ all these short films are reaching a wider audience and the audiences too are getting this quality content for free of charge! So make sure if you want your short film to be a part of Shortkatta do reach us!