An innovative publicity poster for Khwada

Bhaurao Karhade’s Khwada is gearing up for its theatrical release on 22 October. To add some more fun into its publicity Khwada team has posted some funny Ganesha cartoons on social media network recently. The cartoons are drawn by famous cartoonist Uday Mohite. The cartoons have become instantly viral on social media platforms like WHatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

Uday Mohite has earlier done some publicity cartoons for films like Balak Palak and Timepass2. He said, “I have used various social references in this cartoon to make people more and more aware about this film.”

Renowned actor Shashank Shende has done a lead role in Khwada, along with a dashing debutant Bhausaheb Shinde. The cast also includes Yogesh Dimble, Rasika Chavan, Vaishnavi Dhore, Chandrakant Dhumal, Prashant Ingle, Vaishali Kendale, Amol Thorat, Nana More, Hemant Kadam and Surekha.

The cinematography has been done by Veer Dhawal that showcases some impeccable locations in Ahmednagar and editing has been handled by Rohan Patil. Sandeep Inamke has made this film visually beautiful through his art direction. A song in this film has been written by Vinayak Pawar and the music is given by Rohit Nagbhide. This film is blessed with great sound designing done by Mahavir Sabanvar. Also, Chandrakant Raut is a co-producer of this film while Mangesh Jodhale is the executive producer.