Kaagar Movie Trailer: A Twisted Political Thriller

Kaagar Movie Trailer

Maharashtra is a state where everyone is interested in politics and has a political opinion, sometimes even without voting in the elections! However, this obsession in our culture has hardly been seen in our films. Sparring a few classics like ‘Samna’ & ‘Sinhasan’ we have hardly had any films related to politics. Hence Rinku Rajguru starrer ‘Kaagar‘ is a rare & precious film to be excited for!

While the teaser of the film established the Rinku’s character & the overall theme of the film, the trailer which is out now going in further details about the overall tone of the film. From the trailer, one can say nothing can be taken on face value! Every character seems to be more in a grey shade than black or white!

This film is directed by Makarand Mane who has bagged a national award for his debut film ‘Ringan’. Alike ‘Ringan’ & his second film ‘Youngraad’, Shashank Shende also stars in ‘Kaagar‘ in an important role! Rinku Rajguru looks absolutely perfect in her part in this twisted political thriller where she also stands out being an alone lady in the midst of all men!