Actor Aniket Vishwasrao and Sneha Chavan Got Engaged Before Their Film’s Release

Aniket Vishwasrao Sneha Chavan

Female Fans of dashing Marathi star Aniket Vishwasrao would have been slightly disappointed when the news of Aniket Vishwasrao getting engaged to actress Sneha Chavan came out. However, their fans would also be excited as along with them getting engaged they are also starring in a film together titled ‘Hriduyat Something Something’ which is set to release on 5th October.

Hriduyat Something Something Starcast

It’s rare to see actors getting engaged even before their first film together comes out! But the audiences would definitely be excited about the film more so now. Aniket Vishwasrao & Sneha Chavan met for the first time during the shoot of the film. Aniket says, apart from the love for food they don’t have much in common. While Sneha is a fun loving extrovert, Aniket is more of an introvert. However, they became really good friends during the shoot of the film.

Hriduyat Something Something Marathi Movie

Both Aniket & Sneha have decided to focus on their careers hence their wedding still has time. We have heard that Aniket & Sneha were hooked by their parents & relatives. Aniket’s ‘Mavshi’ & Sneha’s mother are good friends & live in the same building. They initiated this ‘arrange marriage’! We wish Sneha & Aniket all the very best for their personal & professional lives together!

Aniket Vishwasrao Sneha Chavan Marriage


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