Aart to be screened in Loksabha

Aart Marathi Movie Still Photos

Aart, a social film about Jaat Panchayat of Maharashtra will be shown as a special screening in Loksabha. The film will be screened for the MPs of Loksabha with English Subtitles. The film deals with the injustice faced by the women in the name of Jaat Panchayat and their rules.

Aart has won best social film in the recently concluded Kalyan International Film Festival. The film stars Sheetal Salunke, Santosh Mayekar, Ganesh Yadav, Jairaj Nair and Ajit Bhagat. The film has been produced by Dilip Shah and written adn directed by Rajendra Sali and Datta Gaikar.