5 Reasons to Watch Tejashri Pradhan Starrer ‘Judgement’!

5 Reasons to Watch Tejashri Pradhan Starrer Judgement

Tejashri Pradhan starrer ‘Judgement’ is releasing in theatres on 24th of May & the audiences are already excited for the film but if you still haven’t made your mind, we are giving you five important reasons to not miss this film in theatres!

  • Tejashri Pradhan’s Choosy Attitude!

    Unlike many other modern day actors Tejashri Pradhan has evolved into an extremely choosy actress so when she takes up a film and a role there’s a by default credibility attached to it for the audiences! Her role in this film seems of a very brave woman who is fighting to get justice for her long lost mother that too against her own father!
  • The Film is Based on a True Incident!This film is based on a Novel named ‘Rounn’ written by ex-IAS officer Neela Satyanaryana who has said that this novel was based on true incidents that happened with one of her colleagues! Even if she hadn’t said this by watching the trailer of the film one can truly sense that reality from it!
  • Mangesh Desai in a Negative Role!Over the years Mangesh Desai who had been seen in many films but he wasn’t getting the due credit for his talent, but in recent times with some powerful and versatile performances Mangesh Desai has become of Marathi’s most cherished actor & this role of a monster like real life inspired father is definitely going to be one his best roles ever!
  • The Exciting Trailer of the Film!‘Judgement’ is one of the few Marathi films this year which has had such a impactful trailer. In a way the trailer has facilitated the subject out in the society and now along with the film’s interest people are also getting interested in the real case that happened & other cases of this sort!
  • The Genre of Court Room Drama!When was the last time we had a powerful, dramatic & emotionally hard hitting court room drama in Marathi cinema? ‘Judgement’ promises all that and traditionally court room drama has always been one of the very favorites of Indian audiences!