‘You Know What’ Song from ‘Asehi Ekada Vhave’: A Black & White Romantic Beauty!

Asehi Ekda Vhave’ is an upcoming Marathi film that has already excited the audiences starring the chocolate boy Umesh Kamat & everybody’s dream heroine Tejashri Pradhan. A brand new song from the film was recently released online. A song that isn’t a usual song but a modern twist on ‘Gazal’, written by the famous poet & lyricist Vaibhav Joshi & voiced by the actors themselves.

The video of the song is in black & white & that presents the beauty of this song in a very unique way. There is a reason normally in today’s times ‘Black & white’ is used. Sometimes it presents a different era and sometimes it is done to emphasize on the actual happenings in the film/song which would be otherwise overpowered by colors. But here the black & white seem to represent the sentiment of ‘unseen love’! As the characters fall in love without actually meeting each other!

The background music of this unique song is given by Adwait Patwardhan & the film is directed by Sushrut Bhagwat of ‘A Paying Ghost’ fame. Tejashri Pradhan plays a radio jockey (RJ) in the film & Umesh Kamat plays a businessman. This film brings a modern love story that would be more relatable to the audiences.