Razzakar (2015)

  • Movie : Razzakar (2015)
  • Producer : Satish Pillangwad
  • Director : Raj Durge
  • Studio : Karrm Movies
  • Star Cast : Siddharth Jadhav, Jyoti Subhash, Zakhir Hussian
  • Writter : Raj Durge
  • Director Of Photography : Aniket Khandagle
  • Art Director : Narendra Bhagat
  • Action Director : Kaushal Moses
  • Costume : Meenal Desai
  • Make-up : Vijay Patil.
  • Genre : Drama, Romantic, Musical, Suspense
  • Release Date : 27th February 2015

Plot Outline :
The movie revolves around post Independent India, 1948 and the struggle beyond Britishers. The atrocities by the communal group Razzakars on the common people and activities against Independent India and Indian Government was spreading like fire across Marathwada, Telangana and part of Karnataka in 1947-48. There were brutal occurrences which were put on hold in September 1948 but are till-date untold. The end of Hyderabad Mukti Sangram and Razzakars truly made India an Independent one country in 1948.

Razzakar Marathi Movie Still Photos/Posters


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