Bandookya (2017) – Marathi Movie

  • Movie : Bandookya (2017) | बंदूक्या 
  • Producer : Rajendra Borse, Pratibha Borse
  • Director : Rahul Manohar Chaudhari
  • Studio : Varsha Cinevision
  • Star Cast :
    • Atisha Naik as Surangi 
    • Shashank Shende as Doralya
    • Nilesh Borse as Aawalya
    • Namdeo Murkute as Bandukya
    • Amol Bagul as Chitya
    • Tanmayi Chavanke as Shindi
    • Vasantika Walake as Tolak
  • Story : Rahul Manohar Chaudhari
  • Screenplay : Rahul Manohar Chaudhari, Namdeo Murkute
  • Dialogues : Namdeo Murkute
  • Music : Parikshit Bhatkhande
  • Lyrics : Guru Thakur, Namdeo Murkute
  • Sound Design : Vijay Bhope
  • Background Music : Chaitanya Adkar
  • Playback Singers : Javed Ali, Mahalakshmi Iyer, Adarsh Shinde
  • Cinematography (DOP) : Krishna kumar Soren
  • Editor : Nitesh Rathod
  • Art Director : Ajay Patole
  • Actions : NA
  • Choreographer : NA
  • Makeup : Suhas Gwate
  • Costumes : Prajakta Joshi
  • Co-producer : Nilesh Rajendra Borse
  • Executive-producer :  Shripad Padmaker
  • Genre :  Drama
  • Duration : 2 Hr 01 Min
  • Release Date : 1st September 2017

Synopsis : 

Bandookya is a film based on reality. Our life is bounded by many social norms arising from the society in which we live our life according to those norms. Similarly many lives bounded by societal norms are tortured which are not even noticed. While going through all this, our eyes are focused on such a social subject. This subject enfolds the reality, the severity of all those Tribes existing beyond our literary community.The question is when we are not even aware about their presence, then how can we understand their struggle for living.

Bandookya is a film focusing on this social question. At the time of marriage, a specific amount of dowry is decided for the bridegroom, which he has to give to the bride’s parents. If he is not capable to give the amount, a fixed time period is given to him and if he fails to give the amount in that specific period then the bride’s father can mortgage her for the amount and the community court decides on this matter. Thus, it is a film, portraying the grave reality and also the sufferers of the decision of the community court i.e. Avlya and Tolak along with Avlya’s mother.

Bandookya is a portrait of those backward genuine people firm with their thoughts. The effective scenes, the language, the subtle acting, entertainment and yet having a power to provoke social change is ‘Bandookya’.

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Bandukya Marathi Movie Poster

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