A Dot Com Mom (2016) – Marathi Movie

  • Movie : A Dot Com Mom (2016)
  • Producor : Kayan Productions, Kalabhavan
  • Director : Dr. Meena Nerurkar
  • Studio : Kayan Productions
  • StarCast : Sai Gundewar, Apurva Bhalerao, Vikram Gokhale, Dr. Meena Nerurkar, Vijay Chavan, Prashant Tapasvi, Deepti Lele, Ravindra Khare, Manasi Karandikar
  • Story & Screenplay : Dr.Meena-Nerurkar
  • Music : Ashok Patki, Sudhir Phadke, Pratik Shah, Neel Nadkarni
  • Lyrics : Jagdish Khebudkar, Dr.Meena-Nerurkar, Neel Nadkarni
  • Singers : Devaki Pandit, Neel Nadkarni, Nida, Neelaja Ankrom
  • Cinematography : Hyder Bilgrami
  • Editor : Sunil Jadhav
  • Choreographers : Dr. Meena Nerurkar
  • Executive Producer : Jitendra Kulkarni, Rahul Bodas, Sanjay Shetye (USA)
  • Genre : Comedy
  • Release Date : 30th September, 2016

Synopsis : A DOT COM MOM is a story of a simple middle class mother from a small town. Like any other Indian house wife she works hard to raise her son. Her smart son goes to the USA and becomes super successful. He invites his parents to visit him and his wife to share their success .Only mother goes to the USA .Her son is excited and wants to show her the whole USA. But this simple mother cannot cope with the modern ways of the new country and gets in trouble.
The daughter in law cannot bear mother-in-law’s presence in her house. Finally instead of staying for 4 months she decides to come back to India early. Months pass by and a situation comes when her son wants mother to go back to the USA.

Mother is reluctant but her husband’s insists that she goes. What does she do ?
Who helps her ? How does she cope with the pressure? You will get all the answers when you watch this movie ” A DOT COM MOM ”

A woman is like a tea bag- No one knows how strong she is unless she is put in the hot water”.

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