Sanskruti Balgude : Today’s youth will be able to connect with Shortcut

She won hearts of Maharashtra as Anandi from television serial Pinjara. Sanskruti Balgude entered on silver screen with “Sanngto Aika”. The actor-dancer has been busy since then with many films. She is also performing live at National and international shows. The actress has taken training in classical dance form- Bharat Natyam. Her next film Shortcut- Disato pan Nasato deals with a different subject will be released on 7 August all over Maharashtra. spoke with Sanskruti about her films and her journey in the industry.

Q: Tell us something about your new film.

Shortcut is based on cyber crime. Today cyber crimes have become an integral part of our day to day lives and they are increasing in number day by day. To get rich quick and to get instant fame youth of today are misusing ‘the shortcut’ methods. What happens when such shortcuts take you path of crmes and how these repercussions will affect their lives! Vaibhav Tattvavadi plays a hacker in this film. It has a very thrilling storyline and I think youth will be able to connect with this film. I play role of Ishika. She is a college-going girl; this role actually suits my present age. So I did not to do any special preparations. I feel I am representing today’s generation which was fun to do.

Q: How was the experience while working with Vaibhav and Rajesh?

Sanskruti Balgude as Ishika - Shortcut Movie
Vaibhav is my dear friend. He is a very sincere and honest actor. I loved every moment while working with him. I think this film will change his image. Rajesh plays a cop in this film. I am sure audience will like his look and actions in this film.
This is a first film directed by Harish Raut. I have liked the way he has designed this entire film.

Q: The film deals with a serious subject of cyber crime. Are you an internet addict?

Luckily, I am not! I don’t have that urge to stay connected at each and every second. Social media is a wonderful experience, but one has to understand all the pros and cons about it before using all this apps. I like to stay in touch with my near and dear ones and fans through social media. However this interaction has to be in moderation.

Q: The film’s music has released recently. Songs are getting popular.

I am already in love with this album. Actually, six composers have given music for this film. Nilesh Mohrir, Sushant Shankar, Premanand, Punit Dixit, Chand Sadhwani and Nick are the music directors. Makhmali, a song composed by Nilesh Mohrir had received so many views on youtube. The album has some nice sift romantic numbers and some foot tapping dance numbers. I hope audience will like these songs.

Q: Dancing is your first passion. Does Shortcut have any of your dance numbers?

Ans: Unfortunately not! I still hope that I will get a good film where dance will be an integral part of the script. I am performing live in various events However, I wish to do a dance-based film in near future.

Q. What are your next projects?

Ans: After release of shortcut, I am busy with four more projects. Curently, I am shooting for Damalelya Babachee kahani with Sandeep Khare. This is a very emotionally touching film. Then I am working on Bhaya, Hatke Love Story, and Shinma.

Q. Seems that you are completely busy with films!

Ans: Yes. Actually, I would like to do some television as well but with such projects in my hand I cannot commit for television.

Q. You are basically from Pune and travels between Mumbai and Pune for work? Which city you like?

Ans: That’s a tough one. I like Mumbai and Pune both. Mumbai is very mysterious and intriguing- this city is just like a dream. However, I grew up in Pune. Pune is like my home. I just love the vibe of this town. I will always love Pune, no matter what where I am staying.

Q. Nowadays, everybody has become health conscious. How do you stay fit?

Ans: Dancing is not only my passion but also my workout. I do practice dance everyday for at least two to three hours. Apart from being a physical exercise dance, it acts like a stress-buster for me. No matter how much tired I am, dance makes me feel rejuvenated.


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