Rasika Sunil Interview : Shanaya represents my generation

Rasika Sunil is becoming popular nowadays with her new serial “Mazya Navaryachee Baayko”. This is Rasika’s first TV serial and audience seems to love her spontaneity and energy. Rasika was earlier seen in a Lavani of “Poshter Girl” and her two films will be releasing shortly- Bus Stop and Baghtos Kaay Mujra Kar. Marathistars.com spoke with this young actress about her role in this serial.

How did you get this serial Majhya Navaryache Baayko?

This is a very interesting tale. I was celebrating my birthday when I got a call from the production house about this audition, which were held second day. I got about my selection next day and I was on the sets very next day shooting for this serial. This happened so suddenly that I still can’t believe that I am part of this serial.

Tell us about your role:

I loved the role when I heard it for the first time. I personally feel that this girl Shanaya is very real. She might not fit into a traditional morally upright women portrayed in our TV serials. However, she has her own views and ways. I could relate to her as the girl represents our generation completely.

Rasika Sunil Hd PhotosHow is your working equation with Anita and Abhijeet?

It is absolutely fun. I am junior most in this team. Anita and Abhijeet are working in this industry for so many years, I can learn so much from them. We talk and discuss about so many things. They keep playing pranks on me, and yet they both pamper me as well.

Tell us about your fitness mantra?

I thing eating right is the most important thing. Portion control and eating at the right time ensure that you remain fit. Taking time for the exercises and following a proper fitness regime are very important.Mazya Navryachi Bayko – Zee Marathi Serial Actor Actress

You come from a family of highly educated family. How did they support you when you decided to foray into acting?

I was into singing for many years. I have done live concerts with Ajay Atul and also did playback for Ajintha. When I was in college, I decided to participate in the acting workshops. After doing some theater competitions at college level, I became passionate about it. My mother was very keen that I should learn some form of art. So, I learnt classical music for more than seven years and completed my Sangeet Visharad. So, when I decided to shift my focus on acting, my parents supported my completely.

So, does that mean singing has taken a backseat?

Not exactly! I think that I might be more passionate about acting. However, singing will always remain close to my heart.

What are your hobbies?

Nowadays I am spending all my free time on the social media. I also like to write Marathi poems in my free time.

Rasika! Thanks a lot for speaking with us. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


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