Duheri : In Conversation with Sanjay Jadhav

Duheri Serial Sanjay Jadhav Interview

Despite his busy schedule, Sanjay Jadhav was gracious enough to spare a little time to talk to us about his new TV show Duheri. Duheri is a thriller show about a girl named Maithili who can go to any limits just to protect her younger sister.

Here’s what Sanjay Jadhav had to say about the TV show:

Did you always have the idea to make it as a TV serial and not as a film?

Yes. That is because the subject is such. If we had to make a film we couldn’t have given justice to the story in 2.5 hours. A 300 odd episode TV show we thought was a lot better way to explore the story.

TV or Films, which is the more challenging medium as a director?

Both have different kinds of challenges. In Films we can give focus to quality, whereas in TV quantity has to be given more focus. So both mediums are equally challenging, but the challenges are different.

How has your experience been working with Star Pravah?

It has been good. Most people working in TV channels are my friends. We have gone through the struggling period together. So working with TV channels has always been a good experience for me.

Do you think the Marathi TV audience is also evolving like the marathi film audience?

I think marathi TV audience has already evolved. Mythological shows, youth shows like Dil Dosti Duniyadari etc. They are ready to lap up different material.

There was a rumour that you will be directing a Hindi film. Is that true?

Yes, I am planning to direct a Hindi film soon. Things haven’t finalized yet, so it is too early to talk about it. But I am hopeful that everything will work out.

We from marathistars.com wish Sanjay Jadhav a best of luck for Duheri and all his future endeavors.


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