Aroh Welankar : I hope Ghanta creates a niche in Marathi film Industry

Aaroh Welankar is definitely on the rise. In his first film Rege he played role of Aniruddha Rege, a college-going kid swallowed up by criminal world. His work was well appreciated by critics and audience. Aaroh is back again with this next release “Ghanta”- a black comedy directed by Shailesh Kale. The film will be releasing soon. The film stars Amey Wagh, Saksham Kulkarni and Aaroh is lead roles.
Aaroh spoke with about this film, his workout and poetry.

Here are some excerpts from this interview.

Tell us about your role in Ghanta?

Ans: Ghanta is a black comedy cult film. I hope this film creates a niche in Industry. I can’t reveal much about the story or plot. But I can tell you why I loved this character. He is called Angad Mohite, he is a struggling dubbing artiste. It was very fun to do this character as I changed tone of my language slightly rural. As the character is a vocal artiste, so I decided to use some vocal variations while speaking.

How was it working with Amey and Saksham?

Ans: Shooting of this film was complete masti time for us. Most enjoyable and interesting part was we had very little female presence on the sets. Though we do have romantic tracks in the film, the main focus of the film is on just three boys. And you know how boys are! We had immense fun on the sets. The entire team of this film was very young, we had some senior actors and crew members, but majority was of my age. As far as work was concerned, we gave our hundred percent. We gelled together very well. For me, it was a learning experience as well. Amey and Saksham both come from a very different school of acting. I observed both of them nicely.

Earlier you had done Rege, which was a very intense film, now you are doing a black comedy. Does that mean you are choosing films which are not commercial masala films?

Ans: For me, whenever I select a film most important thing will be script. Script should be the hero of any film. Then I see what my character is all about. I look for the basic emotions of the character, have I played them before. The role has to be challenging for me. My effort is always to be specific about these two things. I would like to do different kinds of roles. Genre is not a problem for me. Ghaanta is a commercial film, but it is going to be a cult film. The genre of comedy is different from what we have earlier seen in Marathi cinema. This does not typical one-liners or dialogue punches or slapstick actions but the film will definitely make you laugh with its humor.

Apart from acting, what do you do in your free time?

Ans: I am an engineer by education but I like reading and watching films. I have a music group with my college friends. We love jamming and this works as a stress-buster for me. We are planning to come up with some songs this year. I like reading poetry and plays. I am a fitness freak. When I am free I work out. I regularly do minimum two hours of work out every day.

Aaroh Welankar Marathi Actor
There was news about your six pack abs!

Ans: Yes, I am working out for six pack abs for my next film.

How do you find time for workout during erratic timings of shooting?

I adjust my workout routine with the shooting timings. I carry my supplements and some equipment with me. Luckily as I am currently doing only films, I don’t have to shoot continuously. Even if I get a gap of one day in shootings, I come to Pune. I have a personal trainer here, plus my diet is strictly maintained by homely healthy food. Even I am shooting outdoors I try to do minimum fifty pushups after shoot is over. While shooting maintaining a diet becomes a huge challenge for me. Otherwise, I try to keep my workout routine as much as possible.

What is your favorite cuisine?

I am a foodie; I do not smoke or drink, so my only indulgence is good food. I am not a huge fan of gourmet or exotic dishes. I like even street food. It should be tasty and healthy. I love fruits.

You said you like reading poetry. Who are your favorite Marathi poets?

Oh, many. I love reading Kusumagraj, Vinda Karandikar, Vasant Bapat, Mangesh Padgaonkar and Shanta Shelke. These poets are just fabulous.

Do you write poetry?

Yes, but only for myself. I write whenever I feel like writing, but that is channeling something out of me. I think I am not ready to share it with anybody else.

Films and theatres, which is more challenging as an actor?

It is a well-known fact that theatre is an actor’s medium and film are director’s medium. Both mediums have their own strong points and drawbacks. I think I am too naïve to speak about challenges from these both mediums as I have not done much work. I have just done three films and one act plays. I have not done a commercial full-fledged play yet. Surely I would love to do it in near future, then maybe I can compare these two mediums more clearly. I can say about film acting is a challenge in itself. There are n numbers of permutations and combinations while acting in a film. All these inhibitions and restrictions make film acting very tough.

Would you like to do some television?

I would like to do, but not for a long time duration. Some TV serials go on and on for many years. I cannot commit for something like that for the time being. I am getting good offers in films, so I would like to focus on them. However, if something challenging and interesting project comes up, I might do it.

How much are you connected with your fans through social media?

Ans: I am not a very net or tech savvy person. I do have all the profiles on various social media platforms, but I hardly use them. However, if somebody connects me through this social media to appreciate my work or give me some feedback I make it a point to acknowledge and reply to it. There is a guy from Ahmednagar, he has seen all my work including my college plays since 2010 and I regularly interact with him.

Aaroh, thanks for speaking with us, we wish you very best for all your upcoming releases.


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