Savani Ravindra: A musical journey

Savani Ravindra

Zee Marathi’s musical reality show Saregamapa presented many talented artistes. One such name is Savani Ravindra. She was finalist at the Saregamapa and has been a household name since then. Savani has been learning music from Yashwant Deo and Ravi Date. She has also sang along with Pt. Hridaynath Mangeshkar in Bhavsargam. Currently Savani has been singing for films and television serials.

Her most recent famous song has been theme song of “Honar soon mee ya gharachee” – Naahee Kalale Kadhee- a duet song used to express the emotions of the lead star-cast. Currently, three top-rated television serial have title songs sung by her- Assa Saasar Surekh Bai, Kamala and Pasant aahe Mulagi. Savani has also sung for Tamil cinema.

Savani has also been doing stage shows on the national and international platforms including Canada, South Africa, England, America, Dubai, Muscat etc. For the netizens, Savani has started a youtube channel called Savani unplugged where she has uploaded more than 20 unplugged versions of her favourite songs.

Savani has also released her solo Marathi albm “Ajoonahi” and Hindi Gajhal Album “Mere Hisse Ka Chand”. She has sang for films like Ajab Lagnachi Gajab Goshta, tee Ratre, Ajintha, Kuni Ghar Dera Ka ghar, Carry on Deshpande, One Way Ticket, Pindadaan and many more.

Savani has completed her BA with Sanskrit and MA with Marathi. Recently she has completed MA Music from Bharati University with distinction. She has learnt music from Yashwant Deo. As her parents are classical singers, she was always encouraged to learn music from the young age. She is still learning the minutiae of the classical music from Pandharinath Kolhapure and her father Ravindra Ghangurde.


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