Is Sai Lokur the Fashion Queen of Marathi Big Boss?

Sai Lokur the Fashion Queen of Marathi Big Boss

Big Boss Marathi has now entered the last week. Everyone is only bothered to reach the final week. But Sai Lokur has bagged the first place in the final week of this very first season of ‘Apla Marathi Big Boss’.

According to sources of we got to know that, Sai’s luggage was proper all the time. She is the most fashion conscious member of the house. Whatever she needs for a week would be neatly tucked into her bag. Once she has her bag she never calls for help after that.

Sai Lokur

To confirm this contacted Sai’s family, Sai’s mother Mrs. Veena Lokur said, “When Sai’s entry in the Big Boss show was confirmed she started preparing for the things she would need for the 100 days in the Big Boss house. We asked her why are you preparing for all these days when you’re not sure how many weeks would you survive inside the Big Boss house? But still Sai prepared for all 100 days! With what clothes to wear & the jewellery to go along with it, all was set, one bag per week.”

According fashion designer Parag Jaysingpure right fashion brings out one’s personality even better. While watching Big Boss he felt no one could beat Sai’s fashion sense in the house! Parag says he watches the episodes mainly to analyse Sai’s fashion sense & he couldn’t find anything wrong in it! For every week she wore different colours & equally fascinating jewellery & other things like her shoes which all complimented her personality.