Ishaa Koppikar starrer Maat | Official Teaser

The  trailer of the beutiful Ishaa Koppikar starrer Maat has been revealed. The movie stars  Ishaa Koppikar, Sameer Dharmadhikari along with child artiste Tejashree Walawalkar. Maat is produced by Couple Mangesh Sawant & Manali Sawant, directed by Manohar Sarwankar.It is the first marathi movie of Sailee Dream Ventures.

‘Maat’ is based on the original novel ‘Setu’ written by Tejaswini Dinesh Pandit about Ajay, who is a renowned world famous architect and a beautiful model, aspiring to become a beauty queen. After falling in love, both get married and soon turn parents of a little princess. Then begins the real conflict, which the film’s story presents in a cinematic form.