Bheti Lagi Jeeva – Sony Marathi Serial

  • TV Serial : Bheti Lagi Jeeva | भेटी लागी जीवा
  • Also Known As : Bheti Lagi Jeeva Sony Marathi Serial, Bheti Lagi Jeeva Marathi TV Serial
  • Producer : Shaila Santosh Kanekar
  • Director : Santosh Bharat Kanekar
  • Production House : Atharv Theatres and Events
  • StarCast :
    • Arun Nalawade
    • Sameer Dharmadhikari
  • Story : Kiran Yadyopavit
  • Screenplay : Mihir Rajda
  • Dialogues : Shripad Deshpande
  • Background Music : Suyog Churi
  • Title Song Lyrics : NA
  • Title Song Music : Suyog Churi
  • Title Song Singer : NA
  • Background Singer : NA
  • Cinematography (DOP) : Satish Shetty
  • Episode Director : Amit Savardekar
  • Art Director : Sameer Tondwalkar and Sameel Haladankar
  • Editor : Sachin Natekar
  • Sound Design : Eknath Sawant
  • Costumes : Sameera Ahmad
  • Make-Up : Kamlesh Vijay Parab
  • Post-Production Team (Atharv Theatres and Events) : Filmographia
  • Production Team (Atharv Theatres and Events) : Amit Salunkhe, Kunal Pednekar, Pranav Koltharkar and Ritesh Salunkhe
  • Creative Team (Atharv Theatres and Events) : Paresh Mohan Bhobhate
  • O.A.P. Team (Sony Marathi) : Kamlesh Chavan, Siddhesh Surve, Shreyas Bhosale, Sachin Nagargoje and Omkar Dingore
  • Marketing and Publicity Team (Sony Marathi) : Sony Adhav, Tushar Jahagirdar and Siddharth Nayak
  • Research Team (Sony Marathi) : Asmita Pansare, Atul Lokhande, Harshad Raut, Prakash Parab and Priyanka Gurav
  • Creative Team (Sony Marathi) : Amit Bhandari, Gauri Vedhikar and Rohan Samant
  • Concept : Sony Marathi
  • Genre : Romantic Drama
  • Channel : Sony Marathi
  • Starting Date : 20th August 2018
  • Starting Time : Monday to Saturday at 10:30 PM

Story Outline : A story of three generations – father Tatya, son Vikas and grandson Vihang. Tatya is a practioner of ‘Bharud’ – a profession which his son Vikas has always shunned. This father-son dispute prompted Vikas to leave his family when he was 18-years old. In the current times, Vikas is well settled, married to Revati and has an 18-year old son, Vihang, whose adolescent arrogance and disagreements with Vikas remind him of his arguments with Tatya. One day Vikas’s past appears before him unexpectedly when Vihang accidently meets Tatya and his wife Mai and invites them home. Vikas and his parents face each other after 27 years, and then the story takes a different turn. Revati who was unaware of the existence of her in-laws takes a stand and declares that her in-laws will stay with them. And so, the three generations start living together under one roof. But the journey ahead is not going to be easy for these three temperamental men. Will Tatya’s unexpressed love for his son masked by his stubbornness, Vikas’s guilt and ego along with Vihang’s undefined dreams, break the unspoken barriers and bridge the communication gap?

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