H. M. Bane T. M. Bane – Sony Marathi Serial

H. M. Bane T. M. Bane Sony Marathi Serial
  • TV Serial : H. M. Bane T. M. Bane |  ह. म. बने त. म. बने
  • Also Known As : H. M. Bane T. M. Bane Sony Marathi Serial, H. M. Bane T. M. Bane Marathi TV Serial
  • Producer : NA
  • Director : Sachin Gokhale
  • Production House :
  • StarCast :
    • Aditi Sarangdhar
    • Rani Gunaji
    • Pradeep Velankar
    • Ujwala Jog
    • Sachin Deshpande
    • Ajinkya Joshi
  • Story : Amol Patil
  • Screenplay : NA
  • Dialogues : NA
  • Background Music : NA
  • Title Song Lyrics : NA
  • Title Song Music : NA
  • Title Song Singer : NA
  • Background Singer : NA
  • Cinematography (DOP) : NA
  • Art Director : NA
  • Editor : NA
  • Sound Design : NA
  • Costumes : NA
  • Make-Up : NA
  • O.A.P. Team (Sony Marathi) : NA
  • Marketing and Publicity Team (Sony Marathi) : NA
  • Research Team (Sony Marathi) : NA
  • Creative Team (Sony Marathi) : NA
  • Concept : Sony Marathi
  • Genre : Romantic Drama
  • Channel : Sony Marathi
  • Starting Date : 22nd August 2018
  • Starting Time : Wednesday to Saturday at 10:00 PM

Story Outline : The story is a positive take on being in a joint family, and demonstrates It’s not difficult to stay together. The storyline revolves around three women with different personalities and conflicting point of views. The different POVs stem from their different lifestyles and roles within the family. The portrayal of these women will break stereotypes of working women, housewives and mothers-in-law. A fresh and delightful take on daily nok-jhok of two daughters-in-law and their passive mother-in-law who continuously strives to balances opposites. It offers solutions to some crucial daily challenges in an unpredictable and humorous way without being preachy.

H. M. Bane T. M. Bane Sony Marathi Serial Photos :

H. M. Bane T. M. Bane Marathi Serial

H. M. Bane T. M. Bane Sony Marathi Serial Promo :

ह. म. बने तु. म. बने

लव्हस्टोरी एका कुटुंबाची,ह.म. बने तु.म. बने!बुधवार ते शनिवार रात्री 10 वाजता,19 ऑगस्टपासून.#हमबनेतुमबने | #HumBaneTumBane#सोनीमराठी | #SonyMarathi #विणूयाअतूटनाती | #VinuyaAtutNati

Publiée par Sony मराठी sur Lundi 30 juillet 2018

H. M. Bane T. M. Bane Sony Marathi Serial Title Song :


तीन पिढ्यांनी भरलेले, तरीही सुखात सारेजीव लावती एका-मेका, घरात हसरे सारेह.म.बने तु.म.बनेबुधवार ते शनिवार रात्री 10 वाजता,नवीन वाहिनी, सोनी मराठीवर#हमबनेतुमबने | #HumBaneTumBane#सोनीमराठी | #SonyMarathi #विणूयाअतूटनाती | #VinuyaAtutNati#SachinDeshpande #Ujwalajog #PradeepVelankar #RaniGunaji #SachinDatar

Publiée par Sony मराठी sur Jeudi 23 août 2018


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