Farzand Trailer: The Great Battle of Panhala!

Farzand‘ is a highly awaited historical action film in Marathi that is set to release on 1st June. Ever since the first news came out about the film, the audiences & shivbhakts have been eagerly awaiting to watch the film on the big screen. Written & directed by Digpal Lanjekar ‘Farzand’ feels like an extravaganza of action!

The great battle of Panhala from the history feels to be recreated & could be relived by watching this film. The film stars Chinmay Mandlekar as Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mrinal Kulkarni as ‘Jijau’, Prasad Oak as ‘Bahirji Naik’ & in the title role of ‘Farzand’ we will be seeing young & dashing actor Ankit Mohan.

The trailer of the film tells us that this film is focused on only the battle of Panhala, hence there’s more scope to go into the details of the battle fought resulting into a never before seen experience. We are sure ‘Farzand’ will get an enormous response from the audiences when it releases all over Maharashtra on 1st June!