Hura Hura : An emotional song from One Way Ticket

One Way Ticket– first Marathi film to be shot on a Mediterranean Cruise is gearing up for its 23 September release and the makers have released one more song from this film.

Hura Hura- composed by Gaurav Dagavkar and sung by Kshitij Wagh and Orunima Bhattacharya is a gem to listen. The song has been written by Asheini Shendye and she has once again managed to capture the feelings in her amazing words. The song is about heart-breaking, loneliness and solitude.

Kshitij has performed very well in this song and is able to portray the sad emotions effectively. The picturisation of this song shows some kind of love triangle between the characters of Shashank Ketkar, Amruta Khanvilkar and Gashmeer Mahajani. Shashank’s vulnerable face renders the emotions of a man with heavy heart very well.

As the film is a thriller set up on a cruise with five strangers and their dynamics, it will be interesting to see this song on the screen.