Bakaal Movie Teaser: Mission ‘Bakaal’ Finally Revealed!

Ever since the first news came out about ‘Bakaal‘ film the audiences have been excited to know what exactly is the meaning of ‘Bakaal’. Slowly they got to know that ‘Bakaal’ stands for everything that is wrong and against the society! It represents not just a person or a group of people but a mentality!

Now the first teaser of the film starring the likes of Alka Kubal Athalye, Ashok Samarth and the first Marathi action star Chaitanya Mestry is out and one can make out that ‘Mission Bakaal’ is a struggle against an evil force! An evil force that is affecting our youth and leading them to the path of self destruction.

‘Bakaal’ promises to be an action packed entertainer with everything for all audiences of different age groups and tastes. The film is directed by senior filmmaker Samir Athalye and produced by Rajkumar Mendha also starring Jui Belkhande, Milind Gawali, Yatin Karyekar, Ganesh Yadav & Pradeep Velankar among others. It hits theatres on 8th of November!