Hirkani Teaser: The Forgotten Folktale Comes to Life!

While we have seen a couple of Marathi historical films in recent times. Most of these films cover major events in the history that take place in the span of a longer period. But with ‘Hirkani‘ actor turned director Prasad Oak has instead chosen a smaller forgotten folktale that is officially not even a chapter of history, but nevertheless has lived through word of mouth!

Starring Sonalee Kulkarni in the titular role ‘Hirkani’ this film promises to be a thrilling real-time tale of bravery! Many younger audiences of today’s generation aren’t really aware of this folktale and hence this film is important in a social way!

The teaser of the film doesn’t reveal much but gives us a glimpse of the tone of the film. The film will have a thriller, survival film tone for sure. More so we can expect the film to be technically perfect as it’s made by the director of the cult film ‘Kachcha Limbu’.