‘Talkies Light House’ platform for Short Films

Bavesh Janavlekar - Business Head of Zee Talkies

Zee talkies is the marathi movie channel which is more popular for entertainment. Zee Talkies channel is the part of Zee Entertainment Enterprises LTD. Now thinking about new project, zee talkies planning for give a platform to short films named ‘Talkies Light House’. There is meaningful line behind this name i.e. to give the light to all the people who worked but don’t get a chance to shine but talkies will give them a chance to rise and shine.

Short film is not considered as full length movie, it is short time period film. In this the topic has been cleared or shown in less time. Today’s youth ready to make short film or documentary on any topic, even they made it but they don’t have any other platform than social sites but Zee talkies giving them platform in their coming project ‘Talkies Light House’.

Audience will get a chance to see all over India’s short film. In the starting of this program there are short stories included from students to famous directors. While showing this short film the director of that short film will explained or shared the his view about this topic, why he used this topic for short film and what problem he had faced. Zee talkies have other plan in mind that will be the best opportunity for people who wish to join film industry. In this program workshop for making a short film will be held after screening of Short film. After that Short film festival will organized and winners will get prize in this festival.

Talkies Light House Day will be celebrated on Zee Talkies and the selected short films will be showcase on Talkies Light House Day.

Bavesh Janvalekar- Business Head of Zee Talkies said, “In less time short film give you the exact output or message, so Youth should get the own platform. Film industry should get perfect director; this is the purpose of starting this project. Short Films will be shown through the one of the story; damn sure this project will get positive response from audience.”