‘Nagpur Adhiveshan’- Trailer Launched

‘Vidarbha Pictures presents ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan- Ek Sahal’ is an upcoming marathi movie based on the political situations in Nagpur. The film directed by Nilesh Raosaheb Jalamkar who has earlier done with ‘Mahanayak Vasant Tu’ and ‘Debu’.

Ajinkya Deo, Mohan Joshi, Makarand Anaspure, Bharat Ganeshpure, Vinit Bhonde, Chetan Dalvi, Amol Taale, Sankarshan Karale, Dipali Jagtap, Sneha Chavhan these all-stars playing an important role in this movie.

Ajinkya Deo playing the role of Member of .Parliament and chanting the ‘ Chalo Nagpur; slogan in this movie’s trailer. Mohan Joshi in different type of role that is something never seen before.

Actor Ajinkya Deo unveiled the trailer of ‘Nagpur Adhiveshan- Ek Sahal’ in Mumbai. In the occasion of trailer launching –
Ajinkya Deo said, “We haven’t put in any seriousness to say what is right or wrong, let the audience decide on their own. The film’s main motive is pure enjoyment and doesn’t intend to give any message,” that no political party will take offence to any of the sequences as they haven’t demeaned any party and that they’ll also appreciate the film for its content, He added.

The name of this movie seems interesting, they suggest that it’s a trip of joy. This movie will make you laugh. The positive message will pass automatically from this movie and surely audience will love it.
‘Nagpur Adhiveshan- Ek Sahal’ a ‘black comedy’ about the political situations in Nagpur releasing on 11 December all over Maharashtra.


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