Tathastu : The First Silent Marathi Thriller to be Premiered on Zee Talkies

Keeping in my mind the taste of the audience, Zee Talkies has consistently provided wholesomely entertaining content to the viewers. Now they have made an exclusively unique experiment. Zee Talkies has produced Marathi’s first silent thriller-horror movie.

‘Tathastu’ is one of a kind silent thriller & the first in Marathi. The film won’t have a single dialogue & hence other aspects like the concept-story, the performances of actors & of course the direction’s vision will all come into play. The length of the film is 1 hr only. Which means it will be one sharp satire that can definitely send shivers down our spine. The film stars talented actors like Sandip Pathak & Madhavi Nimkar in prominent roles. Zee Talkies deserves credit for helping such new experiments & exposing them to the audience of Maharashtra.

It will be interesting to see what more experiments Zee Talkies comes up with in the near future. As of now don’t forget to experience this extremely rare cinematic experiment, ‘Tathastu’ on 3rd & 4th December (Saturday-Sunday) at 10 pm only on Zee Talkies.


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