Bharat Jadhav will be hosting a new reality show

Bharat Jadhav, a star with ultimate comic timing will be once more silver screen as a host for the reality show. Bharat will be seen in Aali Lahar Kela Kahar on Colors Marathi. The show will be directed and produced by his friend and director of many hit films and drama – Kedar Shinde.

The show will encapsulate common man’s daily hassles and struggles in an interesting way. This will be Bharat’s first foray as a host of the reality show.

Bharat commented, “This was an interesting idea. I have been away from the television for many years. I wanted something different and substantial as my comeback to the TV. Though Aali Lahar Kela Kahar is a comedy show, it actually provokes our thoughts regarding struggles of a common man”