Ithech Taka Tambu : Shashank Ketkar is back with Zee Yuva’s new serial

It seems that Zee Yuva will be hosting fresh serials with fresh and light subjects. After amazing promos of Freshers and Bun Maska, the channel has presented another promo for its serial – Ithech Taka Tambu. The serial stars Shashank Ketkar in a leading role. The light comedy drama will showcase another aspect of acting of this talented actor

The content for the serial focuses on Gen Y, hence the shows are away from usual marriage and relationship kind of plots. Ithech Taaka Tamboo is based about a resort and the service staff of this resort. The resort manager will be played by Shashank Ketkar. Shashank became a household name with his last serial- Honaar Soon mee yaa gharachee. As the serial mainly focused on the women, most of the limelight was taken by leading lady Tejashree Pradhan. Though, Shashank is a fabulous actor, his portrayal of Shree was a bit monotonous in this serial.

However, the promo of Ithech Taka Tamboo brings a breeze of fresh air, as Shashank is seen in a much lighter mood. His leading lady will be played by Madhura Deshpande. The show will start on 22 August and will be broadcast from Monday to Friday at 9:30 pm.


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