Review: Timepass (TP) 2014

Timepass (TP) Marathi Movie Critic Review

  • Movie Review : Timepass (TP)
  • Director: Ravi Jadhav
  • Producer: Ravi Jadhav
  • Writers : Ravi Jadhav and Priyadarshan Jadhav
  • Cast : Prathamesh Parab, Ketaki Mategaonkar, Vaibhav Mangale, Bhalchandra Kadam, Urmila Kanitkar
  • Music : Chinar-Mahesh
  • Genre : Romance/ Comedy
  • Review By : keyur Seta

Rating : **

Story Outline :

Dagadu (Prathamesh Parab) is thrown out of the house by his angry father after he fails in the 10th standard yet again. o support himself, he becomes a newspaper boy. Meanwhile, his friends urge him to get a girlfriend as they believe such ‘time pass’ is a must in life. Just then, Dagadu’s eyes fall on the innocent Prajakta (Ketaki Mategaonkar) and he falls head over heels for her. But Prajakta’s father hates Dagadu to the core after an ugly encounter with him. Will Dagadu succeed in the very first love story of his life?

Review :

The two main characters in Ravi Jadhav’s Timepass are just repeated from two successful films – the guy from his own Balak Palak and the girl from Sujay Dahake’s Shala. One won’t mind this if the film turns out to be enjoyable. And surely, there is hilarity aplenty in Timepass.Timepass (TP) Marathi Movie WallpapersT

But the basic aim of every movie is to tell a story and this is where it falters. In the end, it turns out to be just a poor remake of Shala. This comes as an unpleasant surprise since there are high expectations from the film, which is seen from the tremendous opening it has taken in the first weekend.

The high point of Timepass is obviously the character Dagdu and his crazy antics, born out of his funny act and witty dialogues. As he goes about trying to win Prajakta’s heart, the audience is treated to a laugh-riot, especially in the first half. Dagadu’s scenes with his friends and Prajakta’s cuteness at various occasions also deserve special mention.

But in the post-interval portions, Dagdu’s antics start becoming too repetitive. This is felt more because there isn’t any major development in the story. Later on, an illogical self-destructive incident involving a character (not possible to reveal much) just takes away much of your interest. Even if we ignore that moment, the pre-climax and climax don’t offer satisfaction. You just feel watching Shala or Balak Palak again is a much better option.

From Chinar-Mahesh’s music, ‘Fulpakharu’ and ‘Mala Ved Laagle’ are impressive tracks. The camerawork and background score suit the subject perfectly. The editor should have used his scissors more. The length of 142 minutes is too high for the film. A dream sequence between the lead pair should have surely been shortened.

Timepass (TP) Marathi Movie PosterAlthough Prathamesh Parab and Ketaki Mategaonkar repeat their performances from Balak Palak and Shala, it is a joy to see them perform. Parab is once again very impressive as Dagdu. His comic timing is superb. Mategaonkar too is notable while playing a shy character. Vaibhav Mangale is brilliant as Prajakta’s angry father! He too shines in the comic scenes.

Bhalchandra Kadam does well in the role of Dagadu’s father. Urmila Kanitkar provides good support. Although Bhushan Pradhan has a narrow screen time, he is decent as Prajakta’s brother and so are the rest of the supporting actors.

Overall :

Despite a whole lot of funny moments, Timepass doesn’t rise up to the expectations. Due to the hype and a great opening, the film will succeed at the box office.


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  1. i hate these critics, i think they don’t understand wat mass audience wants from cinema, i jus loved the film and i think this is one of the best films after long time for marathi cinema, instead of en cashing on emotional issues like shivaji maharaj, mi kakanashtha , and lokmanya tilak, it is something funny which brings even non marathi crowd to theatre, i went with my 4 non marathi friends and we all had a great time, so plz stop criticising gud work

    • you forgot funny movie ‘ Khar sangu khot khot’ before released TP. It was a very funny movie to must see Marathi film lover…lagta hai aapko sirf love ke hi picture acche lagte hai…nahi tar Marathi madhy kiti tati vividh vidhyanvar changle chitrapat nighle aahet..

  2. I think the reviewer of Timepass movie, has never fall in first love….The movie is realy nice and have good story.
    It will realy make you lough and will make you rethink on love…Must watch..

  3. I disagree with the review. However I did not see Balakovo Palak or Shala before. Movie in first half was very funny, yes 2nd half should have been reduced by atleast 20 minutes. must watch and agree with viewer review on TOI.

  4. What is in this movie ? Is it better as it is a teenage love story ? This is not today’s love.. now a days girls only find boyfriends who have money to spend on them…dialogues are explicit like tujhya tondat hagto..( I will potty in your mouth).. is it good ? No respect to aged people or parents is highly appreciable by audience…seem they like it…seem this is our Indian culture….the movie is only running housefull because of college students…movie is no viewable with family…is this today’s Marathi cinema ? where are the days of Mahesh Kothare, Sachin, Ashok Saraf etc….seems Marathi audience changed their taste…good to bad….lage raho…asech cineme kadha aani deshala bighdava…batalkar anki jast hou dya….Mahila Adhikar aahat kuthe…dole zakle ka tumche…aamche sanskrutiche rakshak kuthe zoplet………chalu dya…ham bolega to bologe ki bolta hai..

  5. Jari tya movie madhe Dagdu madhe aslya kahi vait savayi dakhavlya aslya tari premat padlya nantar to kasa sudhru lagto.. Kashya changlya goshti shikto hech ya movie madhun dakhvnyacha prayatna spashta disun yet ahe.. Shevti mulgi sodun gelya nantar tyacha badla na ghenya aivaji kiva vait vichar na karta to swatachya truti kasha sudharel yacha prayatna karu lagto, he hi spashta disun yete..

    Shevti pratyek goshti tun kiva chitrpata madhun changlya goshticha bodh ghetla pahije, na ki vait goshtinch he apalyalach samjla pahije na..

    Tyamule ya chitrapata madhun kahi hi vait sandesh, jat ahe asa vatanyach kahi karan ch nasav..

    Asa mhanayla gela tar barech bollywood chitrapat pan yetat jyat kahich kathanak nasta ya viruddha vait goshtinkadech kal janari kathanak astat, pan tari tech lok far avdine pahatat tyatun bodh ghya mhantat..

    Yapeksha jar Marathi chitrapat shrushtit kahi navin ani pragati kade paul padnarya goshti hot astil tar tyacha anand ch manava nahi ka.. Hasta hasta hi kahi shikta yet yacha anubhav gyava..

  6. good movie, remind me of my school and college life and my first love.
    you can not forget your first love. The movie has so much innocence to
    watch and the acting of everyone in this film is superb. When i came
    out of the theater, I was laughing and memorizing my own school and
    college days. I immediately downloaded song “mala ved lagale premache”
    and listen continuously 15 times. The main part about this movie is
    that lots of non Maharashtrian crowd was there in the theater, i myself
    gone with one of my non Maharashtrian friend. I hope the generation of
    this era will bring back the glorious days for Marathi Cinema. Well
    done Ketaki, Prathamesh, Ravi and entire cast of this film.

  7. time pass movies ne maharastala ek navin zalali Aali Aahe Aaple Avdte kalakar laxmikant berde , ashok saraf , mahesh kothare , sachin ,makarand anaspure Pan Aaplya Aavdta kalakar laxmikant berde Aaj Aaplya barobar Nahi Aahe he Ase Kahi kalakar Aahet ki maharastachi shan Aajparyan Aahe Pan time pass movies 3 january 2014 cinema holl khup full Astanani preshkanchi movies pahayla evdhi cinema holl full hote ki tiket milat navti evdh manje ki ha jo time pass movies ne Kahi veglech manje ya movies madhe jo prathmesh manje Dagdu madhe aslya kahi vait savayi dakhavlya aslya tari premat padlya nantar to kasa sudhru lagto.. Kashya changlya goshti shikto hech ya movie madhun dakhvnyacha prayatna spashta disun yet ahe.. Shevti mulgi sodun gelya nantar tyacha badla na ghenya aivaji kiva vait vichar na karta to swatachya truti kasha sudharel yacha prayatna karu lagto, he hi spashta disun yete.. As kahitari ya movies madhe Janvte Pahile jivan Aathvate As kahi ya movies madhe khup Kahi janvte time pass ya movie madhe parthmesh (dagdu) ha marathi boltana je kahi comedy honar Ase ya movies madhe je sabdh bolla Aahe khup chat prekshkana khup Aavdlet Ani ketki Tar khup manje ticha badal kahi shabd suchena zale evdhi khup rol kela Ahe ya movies madhe tanxx ketki And prathmesh