Pari Hoon Main Review: Ideal for the family Audiences

Pari Hoon Main Review
  • Review : Pari Hoon Main (2018)
  • Producer : Dr. Rajendra Prasad Singh, Mrs. Sheela Singh
  • Director : Rohit Shilwant
  • Screenplay : Machindra Bugade, Sanket Mane, Rohit Shilwant
  • Star Cast : Nandu Madhav, Devika Daftardar, Shruti Nigade
  • Review by : Abhay Salvi

Rating : 2.5/5

Pari Hoon Main Review (Marathi Movie):

Pari Hoon Main’ belongs to a group of films where the positives & the negatives both are the exact same! I mean the film will appeal more to the family audiences who are usually exposed to television, the shallow treatment to the theme wouldn’t matter much to the audiences who are used to hammering the same thing over & over again. The theme & the basic story is certainly interesting, unique & yet relatable to the current times. But the film doesn’t go beyond the basic, it keeps running around the bush with multiple scenes & sequences designed to hammer the same things that have been said earlier.

One important issue here is the execution of the world of television! It just doesn’t make sense that such films or serials can’t project their own world anywhere close to reality. The shooting set of a huge Hindi serial, where a majority of the film is based never really feels like a real set. The journey of a kid from a small skit on school stage to the Hindi serial never lets us see the talent in her, it’s almost taken from granting that the little girl is just born talented & she doesn’t even need to prove it to the film audiences.

The trailer of the film tells the entire plot in the exact order as it occurs in the film. And there are absolutely no surprises in the narrative of the actual film too. Yet after all these points mentioned ‘Pari Hoon Main’ will instantly strike a chord with our middle-class dreams & aspirations that today’s parents have for their kids. The whole dilemma of how would a celebrity kid manage to still enjoy the little pleasures of the growing up days is also equally relatable.

What the film tries to say about temporary fame & how it’s disappearance affects little children is right in theory but the point appears silly due to the execution. Nandu Madhav & Devika Daftardar as the parents of the little girl are the strongest positives of the film. They have an instant chemistry together & with the girl that quickly makes the little family believable. In the past 2-3 years or so Nandu Madhav seems to have consciously made film choices with criteria of them being majorly family oriented & concerning kids. It’s, in fact, a commendable thing for a Marathi actor to be so planned & thoughtful in his choices. Devika Daftardar being a regular in the Bhave-Sukthankar films has hardly been seen in films of other filmmakers, here she never feels like a misfit. It would be pleasing to see an actor of her caliber more often in the mainstream.

The music of the film is just like the music of many recent forgettable films, it is soothing to the ears when it comes in the film & beyond that, it just doesn’t survive, it doesn’t stay in our memory for long after the film is over. This is a major concern in today’s Marathi film music.

‘Pari Hoon Main’ could have definitely been a better film had it worked on the layers in the basic story & worked harder on its execution, but it could have also been a much worse film if it hadn’t been as compact as it is in the narrative.


I was reminded of the recent disaster ‘Truckbhar Swapna’ which wanted to achieve tonnes of things & failed miserably without achieving anything. So ‘Pari Hoon Main’ has at least achieved considerable things that can interest a major group of the audiences.