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Watch Fandry NOW on your favourite digital platform, iTunes, Google Play and Facebook. Producers Vivek Kajaria and Nilesh Navalakha have yet again taken the road less travelled. At the forefront of taking Marathi films worldwide, they collaborated with the newly launched special initiative between Sikhya Entertainment and FilmKaravan to digitally release FANDRY in 110 countries.

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An innovative model, CineKaravan plays the role of a distributor and marketeer which executes a world wide digital release of independent films across multiple platforms including Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, BSkyB, Netflix, Hulu, Crackle and a more.

CineKaravan Co-founder and Managing Director, Apoorva Bakshi adds, “Cracking distribution is key in this industry. Our objective is to release the film in maximum number of territories across maximum number of platforms. CineKaravan runs in a simple, fair and transparent manner. The filmmakers have utmost control, retain all rights and exploit the long tail on their own terms and conditions. Fandry is a very powerful film and must travel the world. We are happy to walk this journey with Vivek and Nilesh. ”

Guneet Monga, Producer & CEO, Sikhya Entertainment and Co-founder of CineKaravan says: “I am thrilled to see Fandry go live and reach audiences across the world.”

Pooja Kohli, the Managing Director of FilmKaravan says, “It is heartening to see that producers like Vivek & Nilesh undertsand that the distribution windows are getting distrupted and with the 4G launching in India, there will be a huge demand for content consumption over the Internet. We have already seen early success for Day and Date releases and it is clear that the Digital & Mobile Platforms are going to become the most effective way to reach audiences.”

“We are very happy to collaborate with CineKaravan and excited that our film will be watched around the globe.What sets CineKaravan apart from other content aggregators is guaranteed acceptance of assets, enviable tie-ups with the major platforms and also the very aggressive marketing support which has been a long-standing missing piece to support indie filmmakers.” Say Vivek Kajaria& Nilesh Navalakha Producers, Holy Basil Productions& Navalakha Arts whose National Award Winning Film