Ventilator records box office success

Ventilator Marathi

Ventilator, a film directed by Rajesh Mhapuskar has become a box office success all over Maharashtra. The lead actor Jitendra Joshi and Mhapuskar recently watched the film along with the audience at Dombivali theatre. Other crew members Rohan Mhapuskar, Viay Nikam, Bhushan Telang and Asha Dnyate were also present for this special show. The film is produced by Priyanka Chopra.

Audience became very emotional during this film. One audience member commented, “Though we have a very big extended family, nowadays we generally come together for marriages or death only. The emotional touch has been lost. The film shows this mentality perfectly. I am watching this film for the second time. I have decided to take my daughters to every relative’s place on weekends so that the relationship will always remain strong for the next generation”

Ventilator records box office success - Housfull

Jitendra Joshi has been getting rave reviews for this film. He said, “I have been getting very emotional comments from the audience. One girl told me that she has some problems with her mother. But now I have understood that parents always think for our betterment.”

Ashutosh Gowarikar has returned on screen after almost two decades. His acting has received positive response from the audience. His role as Raja Kamerkar who is a successful Hind film director and has been away from his family has been very much appreciated. The struggle between the world of glamour and simpleton villagers, their expectations and miscommunication with his father has been effectively put by Gowarikar on the screen.

Social media users have also expressed their positive views for this film. The song “Baba” by Priyanka Chopra has become an instant hit. The promotional song will be added in the film as well.