Veena Jamkar in Busan International Film Festival

Veena Jamkar

Veena Jamkar, talented actress from Marathi entertainment industry is going global. Her latest short film “Durga” was shown in Busan International Film Festival recently. The Korean film festival is one of the most prestigious film festival around the globe and to reach at such level is truly phenomenal. The film is also expected to be seen at various National and International film festival in this year.

The short film is directed by Vivek Kajaria. He has produced several Marathi blockbusters previously but this his first directorial adventure.  The story revolves around a poor Village Artist (Bhola), who makes Idols of Goddess Durga, his love for his grand-daughter and ultimately the faith of a worshipper of Goddess Durga with the final task to do justice to his very existence and purpose in life.


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