Vazandar – Priya Bapat and Sai Tamhankar

Vazandar - Priya Bapat and Sai Tamhankar

Happy Journey and Rajwade & Sons director Sachin Kundalkar is now coming with his new Marathi movie ‘Vazandar’ with his two heroines Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat.

Yeah! Actually that was not a rumor seriously these two actresses gaining weight to look Vazandar actress. Now the picture is clear, Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat have to look healthy in Sachin Kundalkar’s next movie ‘Vazandar’.

Vazandar movie is about two female friends and in this movie along with these two friends Siddharth Chandekar, Chirag Patil and Chetan Chitnis also will be seen doing lead roles.

We can understand all audiences are excited to know more about this, everything is Confidential which is related to Vazandar movie. But not to worry, we are sure this movie is the full to entertainment. Keep waiting for this amazing movie.


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