The Marriage of Khandoba & Banu – Jai Malhar

Khandoba Banu Marriage - Jai Malhar

We have all heard of the grand Khandoba-Banu marriage in fables, stories, and folk tales , keertans, and bharud and now we will get to see the splendour and pomp of this marriage on the show JAI MALHAR on ZEE MARATHI which tells the story of Malhari Martand and is very popular . Khandoba who came to protect the people of Jejuri from two demons Mani Mall who came down from Mani Chul mountains and this lavish story of Khandoba is being lapped up by the viewers on this show Jai Malhar. The killings of demons Mani Mall, the coronation ceremony of Khandoba, his marriage to Mhalsadevi, the game of stakes between them, Khandoba’s absolvement of Jejuri, and staying as a cowherd in Banai’s house have all been interestingly narrated in the show. Now the next step is the marriage of Khandoba and Banu as promised and will be witnessed by the universe and all the gods and goddesses and this will be shown on a 2 hours special episode on ZEE MARATHI on 3RD May at 7.30 pm and on the same day the daily events in their life will be beamed from 10 am to 7.30 pm.


After losing in the game ofdice to Mhalsadevi Khandoba has renounced Jejuri and he has become an ascetic and renounced Lord Shiva too but Mhalsadevi tries to bring him back to Jejuri but to no avail. But what fate has written can’t be changed and Khandoba sticks to his resolve but Mhalsadevi is in a state of shock when she comes to know that Khandoba had perpetrated all of this and now he is marching towards Chandanpuri to get Banu so she puts all obstacles in their marriage and curses Khandoba to get an old man’s appearance but Khandoba overcomes all obstacles to reach Chandanpuri but then Banu doesn’t recognize him and then Khandoba tries to test Banu and he stays in her house as Khandu Gawda as a servant. So to test her he kills all her sheep andthis enrages Banu and she orders him to make all her sheep alive but Khandoba puts a strange condition that she should marry him if he makes all her sheep alive and Banu who loves her sheep more than her life agrees and Khandoba puts turmeric anointment on the sheep andmakes the sheep alive making Banu and the entire Chandanpuri amazed with this miracle and the Lord gives them his real appearancemaking Banu very happy.

Now all preparations for the grand marriage of Khandoba and Banu are taking place in Chandanpuri in the Kingdom of Raja Nal, Naldurgaa; and the sky is the pandal and mother earth is taking a beautiful appearance with flora and fauna but Mhalsadevi is enraged and tries to stop this marriage with the help of Lord Indra.
This segment will see dazzling special effects composed in a Marathi show for the first time and a special song sung by Pravin Kunvar and composed by A V Prafulchandra is the highlight of this special episode which will be telecast on a special two hour episode on 3 May at 7.30 pm on JAI MALHAR on ZEE MARATHI.


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