Jai Malhar (Zee Marathi)

Jai Malhar Zee Marathi Tv Serial
  • TV serial : Jai Malhar
  • Producer : Kothare Vision Pvt. Ltd
  • Director : Kartik Kendhe
  • Star Cast : Devdatta Nage as Malhar, Surabhi Hande as Mhalsa and Isha Keskar as Banai, Nakul Ghanekar As Hegadi Pradhan
  • Story & Screen Play :
  • Tv Channel : Zee Marathi
  • Starting Date : 18th May 2014
  • Show Time : 7pm every day

Story Outline :

Jai Malhar which is the mythological epic that will enthrall the hearts of Maharashtra. It is the first time that Khandoba’s (reincarnation of Lord Shiva) tale is coming on-screen and that too with a spectacular scale and visual splendor. The show is based on the courage, magnanimity and prowess of Khandoba (fondly known as Malhar) the warrior deity of Maharashtra.

Jai Malhar, the Lord of many has been portrayed as a God of love, a Superpower and the symbol of excellence. He is portrayed as a super hero for the young generation. Each part of the show is aimed at spreading knowledge of his values and beliefs. It is the biggest offering in the history of Marathi Television, an ode to the faith of Maharashtra!!!

The show will launch from 18th May @ 7pm every day.

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