Sensual Sai Tamhankar now in action avatar

[pull_quote_center]Sanjay Jadhav’s next romantic movie ‘Pyaar Vali Love Story’ demands Sai Tamhankar to learn Kick-Boxing for the movie[/pull_quote_center]

Sai Tamhankar, always known for her bold and sensual personality will soon to be seen in an action avatar. Sanjay Jadhav’s next romantic movie ‘Pyaar Vali Love Story’ releasing on October 2, 2014 with her co-star Swapnil Joshi demands Sai to learn Kick-Boxing for the movie.

Sai Tamhankar with a fit and strong personality is learning this art of action from renowned Mujtaba Kamal. She has learned few new techniques of kick-boxing which she is practSai Tamhankar learning kick-boxingicing since few weeks with the professionals. A number of scenes in the movie will showcase Sai in here novel action looks.

While rehearsing new techniques, Sai Tamhankar said, “I believe in being fit. It is not only a sport but an excellent option to be fit. Today kids are hooked to TV and computers but with kick-boxing they will not only be physically fit but mentally alert. Particularly for women this art is one of the most promising methods for self protection.”

Adding further she said, “I’m really working hard to learn kick-boxing. Truly it’s a mammoth task …! I’m lucky to have good professionals to train me. The entire team of Pyaar Vali Love Story and Sanjay Sir want this movie to be more real and believable; therefore we are learning and practicing with professionals avoiding the use body doubles.”

Truly watching Sai Tamhankar in her new look will give the Marathi movie followers a feel of a ‘Greek Action Goddess’.