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MarathiStars Reader Amol Lanke writes about Marathi movie ‘Balkadu‘. Check out his view –

Maturity, vision and global orientation approach by Balasaheb displayed in lifelike image.

For a fenural when 40 lakh people pay their tribute, it shows the strength of person, the strength Saheb imbibed in common man, the power of a leadership and the respect for the legendary.

Original voices of balasaheb at every instance makes us remember our hero.

Umesh Kamat- Balkrishna is history teacher who lives history and teaches students with great dedication.
As a child he grows up nurturing innocent friendship and love of Saie- Nehha Pendse.

Nehha is shown to evolve and grow as a Executive Producer for a history channel.
Corporate life survival and winning explained wonderfully by Nehha.
She happens to fall in for her channel head who is a non-marathi guy but a very dynamic tycoon in the industry.

The friendship of Umesh and Saie continues even though they are staying away.
Umesh personifies innocency by always keeping her childhood memory on wallpaper.

Umesh has certain psychological disorder as he senses voices of historical characters and those leave an impact on him, Voice of Balasaheb highly influences on his mind.
He consults a doctor, but then a single dose missing makes him follow the voice and stand for a revolt, instances of that very lucidly presented.

Would specially like to appreciate the music, it is crafted so inspiring, Powada on Shivaji, (kondana fort conquering) makes us live the era actually.

Painful reality of mumbai potrayed vide shifting of marathi man from the core marathi belts of bandra, dadar, lalbaug to distant suburbs.

Mumbai trains- crowd and lifeline drawn beautifully.

Umesh’s mom gives lovely shade of todays real life mother who dreams to see her child married to saie.

Prasad Oak plays an clever witty school management person.

Cobbler Baliram explains every viewer about being in the motherland and not falling for builder lobby to quit Mumbai and move to suburb.
Umesh pledges to change after taking a leaf from Baliram’s life.

An auto driver brought out of his rudeness with the first dosage of Balkadu, later when he decides to have a revenge, the same driver is transformed after hearing values of parents caring delivered to him by Balkrishna.

Sequence of sensing a defeat in relationship brings a turning point in Umesh’s life.

Introspecting the voice of Balasaheb, Balkrishna gets on road, here difference between poltician and leader explained by Balasahebs takes a big round of appreciation.

Students are united by Balkrishna sir to save the school from being closed by cunning management.
Tool of cartoon sketches by students to save the school gets wild spread on social media.

Passion about making livelihood explained in train by Umesh is inspiring, it teaches the importance about shifting mindset from job to business.

Realestate lobby is next on charter and is challanged by Balkrishna sir.
Common man should afford the prices is the simple urge.

Balkadu now goes total viral, inspring and motivating a lot of masses.

History Channel breaking instance for non mother tongue/ soil language dubbing issue, raises a very serious concern.

But here the marathi man’s love about humanity is seen, though in rage, they just harm the channel not the person.

Balkrishna is later taken to task by rough young people to make him stop the agitation, even after being crushed he rose again due to inspiration of mother.

Talkshow rounds a wonder talk and debate session which is mind changing.
Umesh ends talk show with 100 marks panache and truly saheb’s shade can be felt in his character.

Shows emotional and family oriented side of this evolved superhero when he is arrested.
Later Balkrishna becomes a heartthrob of masses.

His inspiration brings people back to mumbai again.

Master acting delivered by Sharad Ponkshe as Chief Minister.

Maharashtra people should come in Mumbai for job first, instead other states folks coming, this debate makes us think seriously.

Some voices are magical they transform people and that transformation has midas touch and is infectious.

Balkrishna in this process wins peoples heart, boosts their confidence and also wins his love gloriously.

Movie made the impact of the teachings of Balasaheb, viewers remembered again the saga of superhero and now it will stay with us all perpetually as an inspiration.

After viewing the movie we gonna be a changed and empowered marathi man.

The journey of Legendary cannot be rated in stars when we present it in bioscope.

It simply wins the hearts, inspires the souls and gave us back a lot to carry along with us.

Kudos to team Balkadu and special appreciation to Umesh Kamat.
Excellent job.

Amol Lanke is a banker by profession working for Trade Treasury. He is big fan of marathi movies.

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