‘Ramzan Eid’ to be celebrated in Zee Marathi’s Lagira Jhala Ji!

‘Ramzan Eid' to be celebrated in Zee Marathi’s Lagira Jhala Ji

Until now many times we’ve seen different festivals like Holi, Diwali, Ganpati, Dassehra being celebrated in Zee Marathi’s serials & shows. Now for the first time, Ramzan Eid will be celebrated in a Zee Marathi serial & that too in the current sensation ‘Lagira Jhala Ji‘. The backdrop of Satara, Ajinkya’s dream to join army, his friends & fun relationship he shares with Sheetal (Shivani Baokar), all of this has caught the fancy of the audiences. Along with Ajinkya & Sheetal the characters of Rahul, Vicky, Yasmine, Harshal all have been loved by the audiences.

Lagir Zala Ji Team Ramazan Eid SpecialAnd now this serial will show us the celebration of Eid. All of this characters will be celebrating Ramzan Eid at Sheetal’s friend Yasmine’s home. They all will also be eating sheer khurma which is traditionally eaten on Eid. On 26th June this special episode will be telecasted on the occasion of Ramzan Eid at 7 pm usual only on Zee Marathi.

Nitish Chavan Ajnkya Amarnath Kharade JamyaCurrently there’s Ramzan’s atmosphere all around us. For our Muslim brothers, the month of Ramzan is considered extremely holy. Through their ‘Roza’ they express their gratitude towards ‘Allah’. Sheetal’s friend Yasmine & her family too will be portraying this expression of love & worship towards the almighty.


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