Nagesh Bhosle’s Virappan style look in Zari

Nagesh Bhosle, a name known for villainous roles will be seen an entirely different look in his upcoming “Zari”. Nagesh Bhosle is playing a role of MLA in this film, though his look is inspired by infamous smuggler Virappan. The film is set is Naxalite area and this look exactly depicts how this character is terrorizes people.

The film is written-directed by Raju Meshram. Nagesh Bhosle’s look has already generated anticipation among audience. Bhosle commented, “I have portrayed negative character in many Hindi and Marathi movies, but this character was very challenging. Though I play an MLA, he is not a typical politician. I had to show his menacing nature through this unusual look as well.”

Nagesh Bhosale

The film also stars Tukaram Bidkar, Namrata Gaikwad, Nisha Parulekar, Anant Jog, Minind Shinde, Kamlesh Sawant.


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