Mukesh Tiwari shoots for Aadesh Power of Law

Mukesh Tiwari - Aadesh Power of Law

The shooting for Aadesh- Power of Law, a film based on the life of Advocate Ujjwal Nikam is going on. Mukesh Tiwari, a popular name in Bollywood will be seen in this film. Writer and Producer Suvahhadan Aangre said that this movie will be dubbed in Tamil, Telugu and Bengali languages. Angre will also be seen as portraying the title character of Adv. Ujjwal Nikam in this film.

Adv. Nikam is a public prosecutor famous for many cases like 1993 Bomb blast case and 26/11 Mumbai attack case. The film will be released in Diwali period. Cast includes Ashok Shinde, Anant Jog, Mithila Naik, Sharad Lonkar and Hemant Vanarase.