Marathon Zindagi – a film about a survival

Marathon Zindagi Marathi Movie

Marathon Zindagi is based on a story of a polio affected boy. He was not given the vaccination of Polio on time and became handicapped. On inspiration from his father, defeating his handicap, he achieved the zenith of success. He gave them a life of honour and self-respect. While doing this, he changed the attitude of the physically challenged and their vision towards life. He accepted the challenge and made an association for the physically challenged.

In this movie, the issues of the handicapped and their struggle for survival have been depicted. On overcoming their daily struggles and obstacles, how they attain their goal has been shown in this movie. We believe that on watching this movie, society will look at the handicapped with a new attitude and the handicapped will feel a pride from within.

The lead character in this film can achieve success overcoming his handicap then why can’t the common man? Nothing is impossible has to be shown with deeds and not just words. Our handicapped youth say  passionately, “So what if you can’t walk, we now climb, Here we joyfully climb right upto the fort.”


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