Kranti Redkar gets Married to IPS Officer Sameer Wankhede!

Not often do we see Marathi actors/actresses getting married to people who are completely away from the film & entertainment industry. Even more rare is seeing a glamorous getting married to someone from the most responsible & important field, the police department!

On 29th March in a low-key ceremony Kranti Redkar became Kranti Redkar Wankhede when she tied the knot with IPS officer Sameer Wankhede. Kranti & Sameer Wankhede have been long term friends & finally they decided to get married to each other.

Kranti started her career in theatre & then she entered films. Her performance in Kedar Shinde’s ‘Jatra’ gave her popular status followed by many other hit films like ‘3 Bayka Fajiti Aika’, ‘On Duty 24 Taas’, ‘Kho Kho’ & many more. Kranti Redkar also became a director with her heart touching love story ‘Kakan’ starring Jitendra Joshi & Urmila Kanitkar.

We wish Kranti lots of happiness & good fortune for her married life & her professional ventures as an actor/director in the future!


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