Katti Batti Serial Zee Yuva: Mangesh Desai Plays The Guide in Purva’s life

Katti Batti Serial Zee Yuva

Katti Batti Serial Zee Yuva latest offering has received immense love and support from the viewers. Based on a twisted love story, the show rotates around the need for a small town girl to maintain a balance between studies and her marriage. In the story, Pushkar Sarad plays the role of Parag who hails from a middle-class service-oriented family and Ashwini Kasar portrays the role of Purva who belongs to a family who runs their own business.

In the previous track, Purva and Parag finally called off their wedding but behind every action of Purva is someone nobody knows of, It is her PhD sir. The role of Pathare Sir is played by renowned actor Mangesh Desai. Often in life, we have someone who guides us through all our decisions and paths. For Purva, it is her PhD sir, Dhananjay Pathare. He not only guides her in decisions to be taken on her education but also on personal life decisions. He is shown to be a very calm and composed person in the show. Just like every other professor, he too is very disciplined when it comes to studies or his life.

Mangesh Desai Katti Batti Serial Zee Yuva

Pathare sir believes in punctuality and also preaches the same. He is a portrayed as Purva’s guiding light in the show as she always consults with him before making a decision. He often believes in the principle of ‘You must learn from other’s mistakes’ and also guides Purva with his good and bad life experiences. At the end of it all, Pathare sir always tells her that she has to choose her own way to walk on and stay loyal to her decisions. To witness the role Pathare sir plays in Purva’s life, keep watching  “Katti Batti’ at 7.30 PM from Monday to Saturday only on Zee Yuva!